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Ad Testing

(10/22/2023 12:17 PM)  We are currently testing ads on the site. We don't plan to keep them, but are doing this just for fun. If you see an ad, just know that it won't stay there for long. Hopefully it will not ruin the visit!

New Reviews! 

(9/11/2023 5:36 PM)  We are doing reviews now! Just tell us a review if you requested and edit and tell us your review! You can see our current two reviews here. Special thanks to whoever has requested an edit to us so far, always feel free to leave a review!  

Variety of Updates!

(8/13/2023 12:51 PM)  We have been doing a bunch of small changes, and we added a secret page for you to find! We will not be adding it in a video, since it can give you a free shout out! Make sure to check out community posts on our youtube here for information about our website!

Boonie Bears: The Musical!

(8/9/2023 4:08 PM) Not only do we have a movie, but a musical as well! Boonie Bears: The Musical! is a fan-made musical focused around Boonie Bears (obviously). It is currently in pre-production and the script is in progress. Check out the page here.


(7/31/2023 11:57 AM) We have just added a new page to our website which you can find our new activities! As of now, we have coloring pages for you to screenshot and color! Remember to send us feedback and suggestions in our about here

New Merchandise Page

(7/21/2023 1:05 PM) We have just added a new page to our website which our merchandise is on! You can find items from the Boonie Bears shows and movies.

New Domain!!

(7/19/2023 12:29 PM) To make reaching the site easier, you can now just type in the address bar to reach the site quicker!

Boonie Bears: Infinity War

(7/18/2023 9:28 PM) After nearly a day of work, we present to you our most ambitious project yet: Boonie Bears Infinity War! This is a fan trailer consisting of various Fantawild IPs, such as Realm of Terracotta and Chicken Stew (and, of course, Boonie Bears). If it gets enough views, we might make it into a real thing! Click the image to find out more!

New Clips Section!

(7/8/2023 5:30 PM) The team at Boonie Bears Ships is proud to inform everyone that we have added a new clips section! We will upload clips on here, not to mention various content that we were unable to upload on our YouTube. We are also listing the times of posts now (all in PST/PDT) for more detailed info. Enjoy the new section!


(7/8/2023) The Boonie Bears Ships official website is now up! The channel is so glad to have a website. On it, we can share more than what we could do on YouTube. We hope you enjoy your visit and make sure to check out the Ships page to learn more about our ships!

Have Fun!