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This is where you can find requested edits. You can request edits in the form below, or comment on our YouTube channel here. We do edits of anyone, (as long as you keep in boonie bears related), and we try to make the edits top tier for you to enjoy.

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This is where you can request edits, or you can comment down on our YouTube channel here... We will do almost any edit you request as long as it's boonie bears related. We do not take only edit ideas, you can think of other type of videos we can do. We most likely will not do a ship edit of a ship we do not approve of; but we can do a character that's in the ship... possibly. Any questions? Ask if you want.

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 Requests we have done:


Here is reviews people have left on videos we made for them, aka requested edits. We would like if you left a review, since it helps us with our videos and improvements. It also helps recommend others that look at these reviews, so we want you to leave an honest review. Thank you for your time to understand, sorry for any misunderstanding.

-Cupid Naya Edit- 💞

Requested and reviewed  by dadapoo


"The captions are cool, the editing is cool, I love how quick you are naya is my favorite character she is so cool! 5 stars I recommend! Thanks so much! "

-One Kiss Neva Edit- 😘

Requested and reviewed  by dadapoo, also.

"Thanks mate, the edit is good and my cousin loved it thanks to you! You're great. "