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We are Boonie Bears Ships!

We are a fan channel of the Chinese animated show Boonie Bears and for the past year, we have been trying to raise awareness of the show in western audiences, such as the United States. To accomplish this, we have created this channel that we hope people are able to find and start watching Boonie Bears, giving it the audience it deserves!

What we do is we ship characters from the show and create fun content with them to try and get people into the fandom. If we get enough, then we have the possibility of Boonie Bears awareness spreading outside of China. We have recognized that the Boonie Bears audience is mainly in China, where it is the biggest children's show. However, a very small percentage of the people outside of China know what Boonie Bears is. 

The people at Boonie Bears Ships hope you will spread awareness of the show too, for those who don't have Boonie Bears very popular in their country. We also encourage those who see this to share with friends or family, classmates or strangers, just to spread awareness of this amazing show. Thank you for taking your time to read this, we really appreciate it and hope you will do your part to help.

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Check out our awesome content!

We do a variety of content, and you can check it out if you haven't already! We first started doing compilations as a plan for the first videos on our channel but then they got a copyright strike! However, you can find them on our website. Click here to see! 

If you see our content and like it, consider subscribing and checking out our community posts! We have fun quizzes and polls!

We do mostly Boonie Bears related edits (find some on our website here)! However, we do not have all of the edits we have done there now. Since we upload edits a lot, we have more than 40!

We have ship edits (find ship list and pictures here, find edits here) There is a lot of ships we do NOT approve, and we want you to always check the ships we do not approve of before you ever request a ship edit. This is because we are not going to do ANY requests of the ships we do not approve of. 

We do evolutions of our edits every subscriber goal here and there, and we would like for you to help us do just that. We once did an evolution for a 20 subscriber special and a 50 subscriber special. You can always request videos if you want a change of special. We are trying to expand our content, and make sure everyone likes what they are watching.

Thanks for the support!